India’s Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani, Builds World’s Most Expensive House

India’s richest man (and Forbes’s fourth richest man) Mukesh Ambani, has built the world’s most expensive house in Mumbai. It is said to be worth around $1 billion USD.

Antilia as the home is known, and named after the mythical island, has a whopping 27 stories and stands 173 meters high with 37,000 square meters of floor space. It contains a health club with a gym and dance studio, at least one swimming pool, a ballroom, guestrooms, a variety of lounges and a 50-seater cinema. On the roof there are three helicopter pads, while on the ground floors a car park for 160 vehicles. How could you run a house of this size you ask? Well, Antilia boasts a team of 600 staff to make sure everything is running smoothly for Ambani, his wife, and their three children.

Builds World's Most Expensive House in Mumbai

Frédéric Soltan/ Corbis

Experts are saying that there is no other private property of comparable size and prominence in the world, reports The Guardian.

With an asymmetric stack of glass, steel and tiles with a four-storey hanging garden, Ambani’s new home has been built, reports say, with local materials as far as possible.

Glass and gold chandeliers hang from the ballroom ceiling, with the interior design of Antilia overseen by an American firm who described as “Asian contemporary”, influenced by vaastu, an Indian tradition close to feng shui that supposedly allows positive energies to move through the building.

Shiny Varghese, deputy editor of the Indian magazine Design Today, said the Ambanis’ house was the ultimate expression of a much broader trend. “It’s so obscenely lavish that I’m not sure too many people will go all that way, but we are heading into the sort of culture where money is not a question when setting up a home,” he said. “The lavishness is huge.”

We at can’t wait to see the interior of this giant which hopefully its more appealing that outside of this home!