Interior Designer Chat #IntDesignerChat

Interior Designer Chat

Something I discovered a while back on Twitter is a chat that takes place each week with international experts including interior designers, interior architects, and anyone from the home furnishing industry.

It’s called Interior Designer Chat, or #IntDesignerChat and you can get started by following @IntDesignerChat (and @interioronline if you’re not already) to keep up with when its going on and what questions are being asked.

When is it? Every Wednesday at 12noon if you’re in New Zealand (Pacific/Auckland), or Tuesdays at 6pm EST.

From the site:

A weekly chat for Interior Designers, Interior Architects, Decorators, and anyone who is in the Home Decor and Furniture Industry.  Join us for our Worldwide/International attendance on twitter with the #hashtag… #IntDesignerChat.  Our Twitter handle is @IntDesignerChat with the chat taking place every Tuesday at 6p ET, 5p CT, and 3p PT.   Please join us, we’re proud that we draw an International crowd.

Come on in, let’s chat!

Check out the official blog for more info and start following #IntDesignerChat