Interior Designers Archive

  • Sonya Sotter Design

    Sonya Cotter Design

    Sonya Cotter Design. Sonya Cotter is a dynamic designer, who has a unique sense of style.

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  • Bruce Crowley of Crowley Design

    Bruce Crowley of Crowley Design

    Bruce provides total service from the ground up. From Planning of the spaces, through to the Furniture and Fittings.

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  • Rachael Buxton – Interior Designer

    Rachael Buxton – Interior Designer

    Rachael Buxton is a furnishing specialist (window treatments and furniture) and works with ease with varying budgets and decorating styles.

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  • Carmen Hubber Interior Design

    Carmen Hubber Interior Design

    After 12 years in the carpet, soft furnishing and furniture industry Carmen Hubber felt there was a need for an experienced designer that could help customers with their complete package. Carmen also has extensive knowledge of paint, bathroom and kitchen design.

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  • Joanne Richards Design

    Joanne Richards Design

    Joanne Richards Design is a Nelson interior design practice dedicated and skilled at finding the best local and international design solutions for both residential and commercial interiors.

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  • Debra DeLorenzo Design

    Debra DeLorenzo Design

    Debra DeLorenzo recently won two awards including Wellington Best Bathroom, a Trends Gold Award and was a People’s Choice finalist at the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association Awards 2010.

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  • Sienna Design

    Sienna Design

    Fiona will inspire you with a colour scheme, interior design & garden design for your project, residential & commercial – or simply give you advice at an hourly rate.

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  • Leah M Burns

    Leah M Burns Interior Design

    Leah M Burns Interior Design, assisting you with style, design and decorating options from simple colours for your home to large commercial projects. Working with you to create an environment that meets your needs and vision, whether your style is modern, traditional, simple or vibrant.

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  • Anna Welsh Design

    Anna Welsh Design

    Anna Welsh Design specialises in creating residential interior spaces that are recognized for their comfort, simplicity and quality. I pride myself on exacting standards, personalised service and extensive industry knowledge.

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  • Sarah Kerr Design

    Sarah Kerr Design is a professional interior design service which assists you to develop your own unique style for your home or business.

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