Luxury Bath Towels: A Simple Bathroom Design Alternative

Luxury Bath Towels: A Simple Design Alternative by Thomas Freeman

Bathroom interior design is always an important part of any home style. Decorating the bathroom can be an inexpensive experience when compared to the rest of the house, which also adjusts the ambience of the whole house in turn. Indeed it could be said that the bathroom has become the showpiece and essential part of any designer house.

Bathroom design does not stop at fixtures and lighting. Accessories are an important part of additional style. Luxury towels, bath mats and even hanging bathrobes are extremely useful at altering the feel and look of a room.

To explore this, let’s take Missoni Home as an example. In my opinion, what Missoni Home does best is shown through their use of stylised multicoloured designs. Available in a variety of bright colours, these towels and bath mats can completely transform the character of a bathroom. Towelling can be an essential part of this. Missoni specialise in luxury cotton bath towels that invigorate the bathroom with a variety of iconic designs and multitude of colour choices. The Missoni design is typically one of multi-bright colours in its traditional striped layout, but Missoni’s bath towel sets are not limited to this. There is a huge variety in which could be used to transform a vibe, something that really must be seen to be understood, as words can’t fully describe the way a simple bath sheet effects a room.

Take the famous Jazz bath towel design for example. It has a traditional and frequent striped design involving a variety colours that are simply too numerous to count. Reds, greens, yellows, browns, all are combined without fear – the result being a kaleidoscope of colour for this soft velour edged bath towel. When a hand towel, bath sheet and general bath towels are combined with a similar Jazel bath mat, you can transform a plain white bathroom into a multicoloured experience without any real time consuming hard work.

Decorating a room like this saves a lot of effort and adds colour where otherwise there would be none. And the variety of designs also increases the usefulness of employing luxury bath towels as an interior design technique. Other Missoni designs that are worth mentioning include the stylish rhythmic waves of the Giacomo bath towels, created in a number of colour schemes, and the Josephine that includes a multitude of light shades with a butterfly pattern design. Obviously, other brands should also be included, another favourite of mine being Orla Kiely. Their multi-flower jacquard bath towel sets being a colourful floral alternative to the Missoni strip look. Of course all brands help achieve the same thing; an interior design technique that involves little effort, but that completely changes the look and feel of the bathroom.

Thomas Freeman is a web marketer with a special interest in the home accessories / luxury gift market. While working at Amara, he has gained a great respect for the designs of top brands such as Missoni Home and others. Amara itself is extreamly proud of its many bath towel sets, including the Josephine Bath Towel mentioned in the article.

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