Making An Indoor Water Fountain The Focal Point Of A Room

Indoor Water Fountain

If you are redecorating and looking for a new focal point for your living room, look no farther. Use an indoor water fountain for a focal point to create a uniquely energetic feeling.

The Right Place to Put the Fountain

In order to be a successful focal point, the fountain needs to have unobstructed sight lines from all points in the room. You may need to support a small indoor water fountain on a coffee table or end table to achieve this; walk around the room and ensure that you can view the fountain easily from all directions and from all the seating in the room. Choose a freestanding fountain rather than a wall-mounted option for this job; making a focal point against a wall suppresses conversation and interaction, while making a focal point in the center of a room fosters it.

The Right Arrangement of Furniture

Use the furniture in the room to create a circle enclosing the fountain. It need not be precisely in the center of the circle; simply make the indoor water fountain part of the natural “conversation space.” This way the fountain’s soothing and energizing effects can be used in service of the room’s basic purpose, interaction. Be sure that there are ample ways to enter and exit the circle, and an unobstructed route to exit the room, for comfort, convenience, and safety. Mix seating and table surfaces in order to allow guests a place to put beverages and snacks.

The Right Colors and Textures

When selecting colors for the room use the colors of the fountain to inspire you, but don’t match it exactly; that will cause the fountain to blend into the background in an uninteresting way. Find some pair of qualities and change one, in order to create a harmonious but different element. For instance, if the fountain is made of shiny copper, find a soft coppery-colored leather or velvet for your throw pillows, or introduce metallic elements in aquamarine and peacock blue. For a bolder effect, choose an indoor water fountain in a color or shape that is present nowhere else in the room—for instance, a pure white fountain in a room otherwise decorated in yellow and grey. This is an advanced tactic, but done correctly it can be very beautiful.

By: B. Godwin
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