Unique Home Decals and Stickers from NZ

A little while ago I posted about redoing your decor with stencils and have since found a New Zealand company which offers unique home decals.

They have a great range of designs, and if you think you’ve got something that would look good on a wall and they don’t have it, they even do custom designs!

VONO is a local design studio dedicated to bringing their customers unique home decals.

They go all over the world to find the finest mural arts and make them handy to be added to your home.

Their local designers also offer customized service, and premium product at a very decent price to their local customers, right here in New Zealand.

What is a wallsticker made of?

These wallstickers are self-adhesive stickers made of a very thin high-tech vinyl foil. It only takes minutes to apply to a surface and it can be just as easily removed again when you feel like a change.

Where would you stick them?

That’s the best part – ANYWHERE!

They say their stickers work on any smooth, dry and clean surface, including walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, and even on your car!

How do you apply wallstickers sucessfully?

It depends on what the surface of your wall is like and how ‘sticky’ your wall is naturally, but in most cases, it is pretty simple.

Conveniently, they have an excellent YouTube video showcasing their product and a How-To on applying the stickers. See below:

Where do I find them?

Check out their website for their online shop.


Have you used something similar? Or designed your own?

Let us know in your comments below: